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Here’s a few tips of what you can expect along the way

1.Send us your Resume

You can send your resume by adding Wechat ID: 18823366527 or via email to

2.Schedule Appointment for Free Consultation

Someone from our HR Department will contact you about scheduling an appointment. . We will question you about your background, experience and motivations, and discuss the opportunities available within your career field.

3.Revise your Resume

After providing your previous experience and qualifications we’ll then revise your resume from one of our qualified professionals.

4.Network Reach

Once revision is finished, we’ll send your resume out to our network.

5.Mock Interview - One-one-One

Leading up to the interview we want to make sure you are confident in the questions that the hiring manager will ask. PrimeVest understands the challenge of interviewing with your future boss. We’ll provide you the tools to not only ace the interview but leave a lasting impression.

6.Schedule Phone/ Onsite Interview

Once we hear back from companies that find you suitable for the position, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview with them.

7.Get Offer

Companies will let us know if they will be extending an offer to you. You’ll then be receiving an official offer letter from the hiring manager. Congratulations!

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Resume Revision

Your resume is the presence to your professional work experience, talent & qualifications. Polishing your profile is the most valuable investment you can make to stand out in today’s competitive workplace.

We want to transform your profile (resume, cover letter, etc.) into a professional brand that instantly makes you stand out and secure multiple interviews and offers.

A professionally well-written resume is your ticket to your ideal job. We know exactly what employers are looking for and how to make your resume an effective read.

Our writers are educated, talented, and have the necessary experience to help you stand out. We make it possible for you to have direct communication with your writer, so that there is accessibility if any changes or additional information needs to be put onto your resume.

PrimeVest will ensure concise, effective editing on your resume and cover letter. Submitting a well-written, carefully organized, and thorough cover letter along with your resume is critical in the job search process. Remember your first impression may be your only impression you have to getting through to the next round of candidates.

Plenty of people aren’t satisfied with their current job or career. Isn't it time for you to make a change? If you’re looking for a new job, new career, or are fresh from graduating school looking for sponsorship let us help you!

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Mock Interview

The biggest mistake any candidate can make is not being fully prepared for an Interview. And you wonder why the interview was only ten minutes? There are specific and important strategies to enhance your chance for interview success. Every interview is a learning experience, but if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong you could be at a roadblock. So, that learning curve takes place during the preparation and feedback we provide.

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